Monday, September 10, 2018

Copybot !

I'm soooooo sad, I have to inform you about COPYBOT again!

I received a notecard from my customer, she found the copy items in the SL marketplace.

This is my Ad @Uber from March 25th.
*COCO* Blazer without Shirt / Straight Leg Crop Pants

I checked the copy items, they were completely the same textures and 3D data to mine. Please see the snapshots in detail.

Left : my original blazer
Right : copy item

Left : my original pants
Right : copy item

The wireframes are completely the same, also.

I'm contacting to Linden Lab, I really hope the copy items will remove from the marketplace as soon as possible.

September 14th,
The copy items in the marketplace were removed by Linden Lab.

Thank you so much for reading!