Tuesday, March 4, 2014

COCO Doll Group & Group Gift

Thank you so much for your support always!

After my old dolls retired, I had closed the DOLLCOCO update group.
Now I'm happy to open the doll group again!
I will not change the group name, DOLLCOCO update group starts as COCO doll update group.

This is a group gift for *COCO* doll avatar.
The kimono comes with the doll's neck, hands, and kimono sandals.
(Not included : Doll head / Hair)

Please join the doll group, and get a gift!
I hope you like it:)
Thank you so much!

COCO BJD & Clothing
(Mesh Doll Avatar & Clothing)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Bomber Jacket at my store

The Bomber Jackets (Hands in pockets) for female are available at my store!

You cannot take out your hands from the pockets.
Please make sure to try the demo before purchasing.

Thank you so much!

*COCO* Bomber Jacket (Hands in Pockets)
Rigged Mesh [Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]

3 items are included.
Bomber Jacket
Bomber Jacket with Hoodie
Bomber Jacket with Cropped Hoodie


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cowboy Boots at my store

I've set up the Cowboy Boots (with Socks) at my store!

The boots are rigged mesh items, and they are [copy / no modify / no transfer].
You cannot wear the boots without socks.

Please come by my store and try on the demo!
Thank you so much:)

New Release :
*COCO* Cowboy Boots (with Socks)
Rigged Mesh [Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]