Monday, October 30, 2017

COCO My Doll / Kid Doll : New Release & Gift

New items for COCO My Doll!

Please come and try the demo, I hope you like them:)

Works with COCO My Doll / My Doll Kit Body

(*Not Available for COCO Fashion Doll)

My Doll _ Oversized Sweatshirt

 My Doll _ Bunny Backpack

 My Doll _ Backless Knit Dress

 My Doll _ Thigh High Socks Boots

 My Doll _ Cage Skater Dress + Bra Top

My Doll _ Stretch Thigh High Boots

Happy Halloween!

*COCO* Kid Doll _ Oversized Sweatshirt (+Pants)
*COCO* Kid Doll _ Thigh High Socks Boots
*COCO* Kid Doll _ Bunny Backpack

*COCO* Kid Doll _ Halloween Gift
Works with COCO Kid Doll only.

COCO Kid Doll