Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Release : Doll Head _Sofia

New Release :
*COCO* Doll Head _ Sofia
Rigged Mesh [Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]
Works with Fashion Doll / My Doll / My Doll Kit bodies

Contains :
1. Head _ Open Eyes / Closed Eyes
2. Ears
3. Eyes _ Blue / Brown / Green / Grey
4. Eyelashes _ Black / White (for Open Eyes) (for Closed Eyes)
5. Face Light
6. Alpha _ Body+Head+Eyes (It hides your all body and head.)
                 Body+Head (It hides your all body and head, except eyes.)

4 skin tones are available (Pale / Peach / Tan / Dark)

Sofia _ Open Eyes

Sofia's eyes are adjusted to the eyes position of the SL human avatars. 
Please add the alpha "Body+Head" that does not hide your eyes, when you use your eyes.

If you would like to resize the head and eyes, please edit the shape of them.

*Available part to edit
[Head] Head Size / Head Stretch / Head Length
[Eyes]  Eye Size / Eye Spacing / Eye Depth (size 0)

 Sofia _ Closed Eyes