Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Release @The Mens Dept

I've released the Shawl Collar Coat and Tailored Pants for male.
They are available at TMD, and the prices are 25% discount during the event period.

Please come and try the demo!
Thank you so much:)

*COCO*Homme Shawl Collar Coat (with Shirt)
Rigged Mesh
[Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]

Contains :
1. Shawl Collar Coat (with shirt)  *You cannot wear the coat and the shirt separately.
2. Glove (for Right hand)

This slim coat is the style that your left hand is putting into your trousers pocket.
You cannot move the left arm.
The Alpha hides your both hands, so please wear the glove for your right hand.
The glove size depends on the hand size of your shape.

*COCO*Homme Tailored Pants
Rigged Mesh
[Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]