Monday, April 1, 2013

Gift : Mesh Rabbit Avatar

I've remade the Rabbit avatar which was one of my old gifts.
2 Bodies are included. (with Camouflage Jacket / without clothes)

The Rabbit body is a Rigged mesh and the Head is a Non-Rigged mesh.
Please use a Mesh enabled viewer to see the Mesh items correctly.

Please wear the Rabbit Shape, and add the Alpha to hide your body.

This avatar has the original bone position which is different from SL regular avatar.

If your shape is deformed when you change into SL regular avatar from the Rabbit avatar,
please relog in SL. You will return to your shape.

Please visit my store (COCO / DOLLCOCO) and buy it with L$0.
I hope you like my Rabbit avatar.

Happy Easter!

Thank you so much:)

(Mesh Clothing for SL regular avatar)

(Mesh Doll Avatar & Clothing - Original bone position)

COCO BJD & Clothing
(Mesh Doll Avatar & Clothing - SL regular bone position)