Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Release : Doll_Slip Dress

I've released some items for *COCO* Doll Avatar.

This Slip Dress is only for *COCO* Doll Avatar, and it comes with the Doll's upper body.
SL regular avatar cannot wear it.

The dress is a Rigged mesh item and it cannot be resized or repositioned.

Please try the DEMO before purchasing!

I hope you like my doll items:)
Thank you so much!

Please use a Mesh Enabled Viewer to see the mesh items correctly.

New Release :
*COCO* Doll_Slip Dress (Rigged Mesh)
2 dresses are included (normal / sheer)

(Mesh Doll Avatar & Clothing - SL regular bone position)


(Mesh Clothing for SL regular avatar)

(Mesh Doll Avatar & Clothing - Original bone position)