Monday, October 24, 2011

DOLL COCO has opened!

DOLL COCO has opened!

DOLL COCO is the store that is handling the full Mesh DOLL avatar and DOLL's clothing.

You need to use a MESH ENABLED VIEWER to see the MESH items.
(The official SL viewer, later Version 3)

The bones of DOLL are different positions from SL standard avatars.

Your standard avatars can not wear DOLL clothing.
All clothes and items are only for DOLL.

Hairs, and accessories are available to wear for DOLL, if you can modify them.

Please be sure to try on the DEMO before purchasing!


The DOLL BODY is FREE for the update group members.
Please join us and get the DOLL BODY!

The DOLL completes with DOLL HEAD and DOLL BODY.
All body parts are RIGGED MESH.

The BODY is composed with 9 body parts separately as follows.

1. Upper Body (with/without bra, and smooth, 3 bodies are included)
2. Lower Body (with/without shorts, smooth, 3 bodies are included)
3. Upper Arms
4. Forearms
5. Right Hand
6. Left Hand
7. Upper Legs
8. Lower Legs
9. Feet

Please remove the body parts overlapping the clothes.

For example, remove the "Lower Legs" and "Feet" when you wear
the *DOLLCOCO*_ButtonBoots.


DOLL HEAD is only for DOLL BODY.
You can not wear DOLL HEAD on your standard avatar.

Please choose DOLL HEAD which you like.

Before you try on DOLL clothing, please change your standard avatar into DOLL as follows.

[How to change into DOLL from your avatar]

1. Make a backup copy of your shape just in case.

2. Detach all attachments from your avatar. Take off shoes.
(You don't need to take off your layer's clothes and skin.)

3. Wear DOLL ALPHA Mask to become transparent.


5. Wear DOLL HEAD and 9 parts of DOLL BODY.

[How to change into your avatar from DOLL]

1. Detach all attachments from DOLL.

2. Detach DOLL HEAD and BODY.

3. Wear your shape.

4. Take off DOLL ALPHA Mask. (Your shape may be deformed.)

5. Relog in SL. (Your shape will be former one.)

I hope you would like to become DOLL, like such as you will become
Robot or Furry on occasion.

If you have any questions, please send a notecard to cocoro Lemon.

I hope you enjoy the mesh items.
Thank you so much!



COCO, my store of the clothing for SL standard avatar, remains and goes on with sale.
And I will not put the prices back.
Thank you for your shopping at COCO!


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