Monday, December 6, 2010

The prizewinners : The Fashion Photo Contest

Thank you so much for your entries of the fashion photo contest
sponsored by COCO / U&R DOGS / LIKKA*HOUSE.

The prizewinners were chosen fairly by the designers and our staff.
We are very appreciated to all participants. Thank you soooooo much!

Grand Prix / Ruriko Bracken

Award of COCO / Sanya Bilavio

Award of U&R DOGS / Sahara Meersand

Award of LIKKA*HOUSE / kaorii Magic

Jury's special award (cocoro Lemon) / Bernie Decosta

Jury's special award (cocoro Lemon) / Renn Luik

Jury's special award (cocoro Lemon) / Mimien Little

Jury's special award (cocoro Lemon) / nekonuko Nakamori

We are putting up the prizewinners' photos in the street. 
And all works will be opened to the public on flickr later.


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