Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Release : Triangle Bikini

The bikini sets are all made by sculpted parts.
You can resize it using the HUD (Resizer).

If the bikini does not fit to your shape in spite of using the HUD (Resizer), please DO NOT buy it.
Please try on the DEMO before you purchase.

New Release :
*COCO* Triangle Bikini

3 colors are available (Black/Brown/White)

This item contains :
Triangle Bikini_Top (Resizable) wear on chest
Triangle Bikini_Top (Resizable) wear on spine
Triangle Bikini_Bottom (Resizable) wear on pelvis
Triangle Bikini_Bottom (Resizable) wear on stomach
Triangle Bikini_Top (Modifiable)
Triangle Bikini_Bottom (Modifiable)
HUD (Resizer)

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