Friday, June 5, 2009

New Release : Spangles Stiletto Heel

Hi there,
I've released new items the shoes with the sculpted feet.
Come by my store and try on the demos!

New Release :
*COCO* Spangles Stiletto Heel

3 colors are available.

This item contains:
Spangles Stiletto Heel_Base
Spangles Stiletto Heel_Left Foot(Regular)
Spangles Stiletto Heel_Right Foot(Regular)
Spangles Stiletto Heel_Left Foot(Large)
Spangles Stiletto Heel_Right Foot(Large)


The shoes with the sculpted feet are [no modify / copy ok / no transfer].
That means no refund excepting double purchases.

You can change the skin color and the nail color using the dialog.
However, you can not change the size of the shoes.
The shoes are including two sizes (Regular size and Large size), so please try on the demos before you purchase.
If the shoes does not fit to your feet, please do not buy them.

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