Sunday, August 12, 2018


Hello there,

I'm sorry I had not posted for a while in this blog...please check my new release in the flickr.

Well, today, I'm so sad that I have to inform you about the copybotter.
I received the notecard the other day, she found the item that was very similar to my new item (Long Sleeve Lace Top), in the SL marketplace.

*COCO* Long Sleeve Lace Top (Available in the Uber event from July 25th)

I'm sure my item has stolen by someone in somewhere. The texture is different, but the copy item in the marketplace is completely the same mesh data to my lace top. Unfortunately, the copy item is sold as a full permission.

The snapshots are as follows.

snapshot : my lace top

snapshot : copy item

This is the wireframe of my original data.

This is the wireframe of the copy one.

put on top of one another
They are completely the same!!!

All my mesh items are my original. I've never used other creator's data.

I'm currently contacting to Linden Lab, I hope the copy items will delete from the marketplace as soon as possible.
Please do not purchase the copybot items.

Thank you so much for reading!