Wednesday, September 14, 2016

*COCO* Kid Doll @The Mens Dept

I'm participating in The Mens Dept, September round.

This item works with COCO Kid Doll only.
Not available for SL classic avatar, COCO doll, COCO Fashion doll, any other mesh bodies.

Please try the demo!
Thank you so much:)

*COCO* Kid Doll
Ripped Denim Overall with Tee

Rigged Mesh
[Copy / No Modify / No Transfer]

20% Discount price @TMD !

Contains :
1. Ripped Denim Overall with Tee
2. HUD _ for T-shirt
3. Kid Doll _ Gift Head + Eyes + Ears _ Alex
4. Kid Doll _ Gift Body + Hands (Unisex)
5. Kid Doll _ Sample Shape (modifiable)
6. Alpha (to hide all your body)
7. Face Light


COCO Kid Doll