Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Release : Leather Buckle Belt

This is new mesh item, the Leather Buckle Belt.
2 belts are included. (Rigged Mesh - No Modify / Non-Rigged Mesh - Modify)

You can resize the Rigged Mesh belt by using the dialog.
Please click the belt, the dialog appears on the upper right.

Or, you can resize the modifiable belt (Non-Rigged Mesh) by yourself.

Please try the DEMO before purchasing! (The DEMO is not modifiable.)

I hope you like them:)
Thank you so much!

You need to use a MESH ENABLED VIEWER to see the MESH items.

New Release :

*COCO* Leather Buckle Belt
2 belts are included
(Rigged Mesh - no modify / Non-Rigged Mesh - modify)