Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gift : The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Thank you so much for your support always!
I hope the Year 2013 will be another great year for you!

I've put "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" as a gift at my store. (COCO / DOLLCOCO)
They are full mesh items, you need to use a Mesh Enabled Viewer to see them.
Please buy them with L$0.

I hope you like them:)
Thank you so much!

Full Mesh Avatar : Dorothy (with a stuffed toy dog, Toto)

This is a complete mesh avatar and you can not take off the clothing.
The bones of Drothy are different positions from SL regular avatars.

Please wear the inside Shape and add the Alpha to hide your body.
If your shape is deformed when you change into your avatar from Dorothy, please relog in SL. 
You will be your shape.

5 Display Models :

The Cowardly Lion
The Scarecrow
The Tin Woodman
The Wizard of Oz

They are not avatars, only displays.