Saturday, December 19, 2009

COCO Gift Card System

COCO Gift Card System has started!
This is the system that you can send a gift to your friend.

I hope this gift system will be useful for you.
Thank you so much.

You purchase the gift card HUD of the item, and send it to your friend.
Your friend receive the gift card HUD from you and wear it, and then receive the gift.

Please left-click the button of the card, "Get a GIFT!"
The gift item (object) will deliver to you.

Please rez the gift (object), and open it, then copy to your inventory.

This is very simple system.
But please try the
DEMO, before you purchase the gift card HUD for understanding this system.


The gift card HUD is not the money card.
One gift card HUD is for one item.

DO NOT LEFT-CLICK the gift card HUD!

If you left-click the gift card HUD, the gift item delivers to you.

You can not send the gift to your friend.

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